google translate api php code

Google Translator PHP | Digital Estudio.
Google Translate API Access Error: (403) Access. - Code Questions.

Google Translate API no longer free - replacement required.

Translating Language Using the Google Translate API and PHP.
$client->setApplicationName('Google Translate PHP Starter Application');. // Visit to generate your. // client id.
Jan 5, 2013. gtranslate-api-php · PHP Wrapper for Google Translate™ Api. See http://code. 1 person.

google translate api php code

simple.php - google-api-php-client - Google APIs Client Library for.
Apr 20, 2012. Allows programatic integration with Google Translate.
Google have announced that they are sunsetting the Translate API. .. I have written a detailed blog with working tested code for PHP. check.
Translate texts in PHP using Google Translate API. Contribute to EasyTranslate development by creating an account on GitHub.
GTranslate.php - gtranslate-api-php - PHP Wrapper. - Google Code.
translation - Alternative to Google Translate API? - Stack Overflow.
Issue 49 - gtranslate-api-php - Unable to perform. - Google Code.

php - how to hide my Google translate API key? - Stack Overflow.

Please read gtranslate/config.php file first line: You need to get your Google Translate API key from
Logo. gtranslate-api-php · PHP Wrapper for Google Translate™ Api. use Translate v2. See
Now that Google Translate's API has been deprecated[1], what is the future of the i18n Auto. [3]
i'm using the follow PHP code snippet with Google's Translate API and i hv read that json_encode needs UTF-8 input so was surprising how do i have.

google translate api php code

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